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    This term originate in the 1800s and referred to the concept of U.S. territorial expansion westward to the Pacific Ocean.


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    Developer financing available for qualified buyers!

    Things have been moving forward at Orchid Point. The new electric poles are in and electricity is now available for all of phase 1 (lots number 1 through 23). Water is also available to these lots, so building can start whenever a lot owner is ready.


In the Vicinity

This page's purpose is to give a prospective investor or home owner a feel for the area that Orchid Point Estates is located in, what is nearby and what store, restaurants, etc. are around.

Teatro Nacional Costa Rica
San Jose - The downtown area of the capital is 45 minutes to an hour away. Most foreign residents have no reason to go to San Jose regularly. For those who enjoy the arts, both the National Theater and the Melico Salazar present year-round concerts, ballets, and operas. The former built in the 1890’s, modeled after the Opera de Paris, is probably one of Costa Rica's few, well-maintained, cultural gems.

Escazu/Santa Ana Area - This is where an American or Canadian finds the stores and restaurants they thought they had left behind. Multiplaza is Costa Rica's largest mall with upscale stores. Their is also a Price Smart, an American style big box store. B
Santa Ana Costa Rica

esides many Costa Rican and European restaurants there are the American brands such as To ny Roma and TGIF and of course a McDonalds.

Multiplex - The largest mall in Costa Rica is located just off the Santa Ana exit of the main hiway to San Jose. This upscale two level mall boasts 246 shops, a supermarket, movie theaters and a large food court. Department stores and shops include: Tommy Hilfiger, Liz Claiborne, Kenneth Cole and Cemaco. Open everyday from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

CIMA Hospital is a state-of-the-art, USA-Affiliated Medical Center now in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Hospital CIMA

The hospital is a new and modern medical complex consisting of a spacious, full-service, acute-care facility with an adjacent, seven-story, medical office building.

CIMA San Jose Hospital is affiliated with Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, and managed by International Hospital Corporation of Dallas, Texas.
PriceSmart - Modeled after Cosco in the U.S., offers wholesale groceries and home products for card-carrying members.

Restaurants - A lot of variety from American chain restaurants like Tony Roma and T.G.I.F. to the French restuarant, Le Monastere. There are also numerous fast food outlets.

Costa Rica Golf Courses
Golf Courses - About 40 minutes from Orchid Point Estates is Parque Valle del Sol. This course was designed by Tracy May.
According to the local Titlest representative: "May designed the layout to be challenging and fair under most conditions, and downright tough when the winds come swirling down from the surrounding mountains. The rolling hills, mature trees and the surrounding mountains and bird sanctuary create a great setting for golf."

The Cariari Country Club is about one hour away and has a magnificent course designed by George Fazio.
The Cariari Country Club is about one hour away and has a magnificent course designed by George Fazio.

For further information please send an email to Information@Orchid-Point-Estates.com. If you would like to have us call you just include your phone number and when is a good time to reach you. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.