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    Westward Ho!

    This term originate in the 1800s and referred to the concept of U.S. territorial expansion westward to the Pacific Ocean.


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    Developer financing available for qualified buyers!

    Things have been moving forward at Orchid Point. The new electric poles are in and electricity is now available for all of phase 1 (lots number 1 through 23). Water is also available to these lots, so building can start whenever a lot owner is ready.



    Current owner is looking to sell lots in this ready to go subdivision with individually titled lots ranging from 1.25 acres to 3 acres. Ready to build or sell. All with great views. Dead end road.

    Lots as low as $28,000

    Email for more info!


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For further information please send an email to Information@Orchid-Point-Estates.com. If you would like to have us call you just include your phone number and when is a good time to reach you. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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