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    Westward Ho!

    This term originate in the 1800s and referred to the concept of U.S. territorial expansion westward to the Pacific Ocean.


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    Things have been moving forward at Orchid Point. The new electric poles are in and electricity is now available for all of phase 1 (lots number 1 through 23). Water is also available to these lots, so building can start whenever a lot owner is ready.


Westward Ho!

This term originate in the 1800s and referred to the concept of U.S. territorial expansion westward to the Pacific Ocean. The phrase was coined in 1845 by the editor John L. O'Sullivan, who described the U.S. annexation of Texas and, by extension, the occupation of the rest of the continent. The term was used to justify the U.S. annexation of Oregon, New Mexico, and California.

We have our own less pejorative definition of westward expansion here in Costa Rica Rica and it only refers to good things that are happening NOW. The completion of the long-awaited Caldera Highway linking the Costa Rica’s Central Valley to the Pacific Coast is now reality. With it has come the expected westward growth along and near this new thoroughfare. Land values have risen in areas adjacent to the highway. There is a ripple effect from this which influences other nearby places like Puriscal and Atenas both of which are in the path of growth. Atenas has already been discover by foreigners and prices have risen sharply. On the other hand, Puriscal is just starting to happening and value can be found.

Once place I am really excited about is Orchid Point Estates in San Antonio de Puriscal. This unique project is right in the path of growth and offers a whole slew of amenities. The owners had the foresight to know that the Puriscal was the next logical place in the line of western development and spent months searching the area for the ideal spot to do a project. What they have now is truly unique to the area and Central Valley — spectacular drop-dead panoramic views at reasonable prices smack in the middle of the wave of progress and only short drive from the bustling Lindora and Escazú areas and the U.S.-affiliated Cima Hospital.

Orchid Point has over 30 view-lots that will only appreciate as the area grows. Costa Rica is a brand name because of its great weather, enduring democracy, friendly people, state-of-the-art affordable health care, housing options and most of all great lifestyle. The country also offers excellent real estate opportunities for savvy investors. Costa Rica is a warm-weather destination like Hawaii and will always attract tourists, celebrities and retirees who will in turn fuel the foreign real estate market.

This is a no-brainer and the perfect opportunity to get in before the crowd.

By Christopher Howard author of The New Golden Door to Retirement and Living in Costa Rica

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