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    Things have been moving forward at Orchid Point. The new electric poles are in and electricity is now available for all of phase 1 (lots number 1 through 23). Water is also available to these lots, so building can start whenever a lot owner is ready.


The Latest at Orchid Point

There is always something happening at Orchid Point. While many developments in Costa Rica have been put on hold due to the recession, Orchid Point Estates has been moving forward.
Pictures taken on January 12, 2011.
Guests on a real estate tour walking down the nature path to the springs.
Nature path continues across creek towards phase II of Orchid Point Estates
Pictures taken on October 15, 2010.
A section of the road from the highway to Orchid Point Estates has been paved. You can see the directional sign for Orchid Point.
The retaining wall is now completed. The coloring helps this necessary feature blend into the background.
Pictures taken on June 11, 2010.
The concrete work has been completed on this section of the retaining wall near the project entrance. The natural looking coloring will be added next.
The arrow points to the sample color that has been selected and will be used on the complete wall so it will blend in with the beautiful natural surroundings. >
Pictures taken on May 17, 2010.
Work has begun on some retaining walls near the project entrance. This work is being carried out by the same subcontractor who did all the great work at Waterfall Gardens and The Springs Resort & Spa at Arenal.
Here you can see the pattern developing. Natural looking color will be added upon completion of the concrete work.
Pictures taken on March 30, 2010.
The orchids are in bloom and are beautiful. With the onset of the green season in May many plants and trees will burst into bloom.
The electricity is in for Phase 1, lots 1 through 23. Rob Hodel, the operating partner, had the contractor add an extra electric pole to avoid interferring with this beautiful, 300 year old Guanacaste tree. Electric Poles are in for Phase1
The on-site green house is full and looking great. In the next couple of months many of these plants will be transplanted to varias areas of Orchid Point. At this time we are concentrating on plants that attract different birds and butterflies. Green House at Orchid Point